Heart to Heart in Honor of World Alzheimer's Day

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is an Incredible Heart to Heart by Cammie over at myblogbycammie.blogspot.com .
Cammie has $1,000 dollars worth of Blog Candy being given away for one lucky person who participates in the Heart to Heart in honor of World Alzheimer’s Day last Sunday Sept 21.

This is a card that will be sent to my friend who worked in an old folks home. She started working their when we were in High School and she's always been willing to help others. What an incredible person, she makes me want to do more service to those in need.

A personal note: This is something I will likely develop when I am older. For now life is amazing and wonderful but I can't help but dread the day that I can't remember who I am or any part of my life. I've seen the fear and worry of this disease take away happiness from people who would otherwise be happy. I don't want to let the eventuality of this eat at me, because thats too much of my life gone. I pray modern medicine is able to make leaps and bounds as concerned with this disease.

The paper is a basic black embossed with the "twigs" folder on the cuttlebug. The Ribbon is self adheisive by...! The paper is from "My Big Idea"s Fall Stack and the Letters are by the same person as the ribbon, I'll have to investigate who is the genius behind self adhesive embellishments, cause I'm officially a fan. I rubbed a silver crayon over the embossing to make it pop and colored a few of the branches with red and gold for hope, thought the pics don't seem to emphasize this. Small side note: I'd like it better if it was gold...
apologies for all the pics, the metal embellishment made it hard to get one nice shot, and knowing me the best one is crooked.

Because I Like to Make Cards!

I guess I should explain, well I was really quite pleased with these cards and decided to upload them back in July, and now its September. Anyway, here they are regardless. The first card is just cutting out paper, a stamp and then some sticker buttons, officially one of the greatest creations ever! DCWV Mat Stack Neutrals, DCWV Mat Stack Just for Girls, Rock Star set by DCWV?
Second card, really easy as well, cutting paper a stamp and a few sticker embellishments, told you I loved them. Paper DCWV Mat Stack Neutrals, RockStar by DCWV?
Third Card, Bon Voyage was cut out with the Cricut, Beyond Birthdays Cartridge, Paper DCWV Stack 5 and SBW Mega Pack.
Words ZooBaloo Cricut Cartridge, Castle Use Your Imagination, paper DCWV Stack5
Flourish Cricut Use Your Imagination.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DH temporarily revoked my craft store grounding, not that I blame him for grounding me in the first place, and let me get a few items with some Birthday money and gift cards. New favorite thing in the world, gift cards to craft stores, someone was a genius.

Anyway, the new acquirements included a fall paper stack, a Cuttlebug and a few embossing templates and a few embellishments. Officially, I am spoiled, and I both don’t have room and don’t want any more things for a while. Ah the fall binge, its coded into my brain as one of the best times to go shopping, not for sales, but for new quantity. Poor Ryan, but when I started playing with the Cuttlebug he was pretty fascinated by the machine too, and I’ve been really impressed so far, its been super easy to use, and the parts are fairly economical.

So my versus,
Cricut vs.

Amazing yes but, the mats are 10.00 for new ones and wear out after major cutting projects.
Extensive youtube videos have convinced me that the cricut is very versatile.
Of the many things you can make with it are:
a ton of varieted dies
metal imprinting
vinyl lettering
it draws if you get the markers

So one of my favorite things it isn’t able to do is texturize, and that is pretty unfortunate in my eyes.

Cuttlebug, (cricut minus design studio)

None of the parts seem really able to wear out
only imprints one size, don’t get me wrong, its awesome, and the cricut has spoiled me with my seemingly limitless choice selections.
I think one could do metal imprinting
really makes the paper pop

So how dare I compare two incredibly awesome machines? But one can’t help it, for instance, why would a poor starving college student get two machines that did pretty much the same thing? So of course I have to rationalize, and dream of a day when I have time to work on my many imagined projects…

And the reason for the delay in getting Design Studio, it only works on PC’s, which last time I checked, most of the artistic world has converted to Mac’s, so I’m boycotting until it is available for the Mac, call it will power, but it seems silly for a program to be PC capable and not Mac, simply for the versatility and creative capability of the Machine.

I was explaining to someone once, the difference between a PC and a Mac, its simple

PC’s are for people who have a cluttered desktop, can’t think outside of the box and are uninventive, i.e. most of corporate America

Mac’s are for people who like clean desktops, infinite possibilities, and are very creative i.e. artists and people who would use that capability.

So, how does Provocraft justify not having Design Studio, a program that would fully benefit from the many possibilities, not compatable with something created to make the creative process easier.