Contenting Myself to be Content

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I got to the end of MEE’s book on contentment again and I was happily surprised by the ending like I always am. Most of the chapters have me pondering how to simplify, but the last chapter is always great as it says we should enjoy what we have and share with others. It makes me feel a lot better about what I have so long as I keep a tally on what is used and what is not.

When clothes have gotten so beaten down its kind of nice to get rid of them, it means there is room for more, and typically worn clothes should be retired because they do no one a service by staying in the closet, and typically they are the clothes that are not flattering because they do not fit. And getting rid of them means the promise of more, I know I’m terrible. So clothes are not an issue, as I have Ryan as a watch dog, but books are my weakness, and most of these books for my major, typically all paperback and worn, but they hold something infinitely more dear, my comments at the time on the literature.

Its like a time travel device when I’ll look for a passage and see comments scrawled all over the page, and even better I see how much I have learned, am still learning and hope to yet learn.

I utilize the library a lot because of the lack space, and I do not like to reread entire books and its just a lot more economical for me in general. If I did not have so many books each semester this would not be a problem, but when I think of all the books already being stored and see my disheveled bookcases, baskets and other odd book storing items, it makes me realize; I have a problem.

Hello my name is Angie Meeks and I am a book hoarder.

Well this means I need a box to put the less used ones in until I have a book room.

Card Making and Why I Love it.

I really enjoy making things I give away, it means less stays in my apartment. If only that were true, but eventually it will all be whittled away. I really like working with people on their scrapbooking, with the cricut, but still I shy away from it myself.

I think part of the reason is I don’t have time with school and work and life on top of that, but one day. Despite the lack of time, I really enjoy making time to help other people with projects.

Cards, are like blogging, I don’t have to be a committed scrapbooker and I can make a few cards one night with great satisfaction. Whereas scrapbooking seems like a full time career, and that scares me. I feel spread thin enough as it is. Anyone else feel like scrapbooking is a full time job? Or is their a secret to it that I have missed out on?

Questing for Contentment

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm looking at the wish list to the side and feeling guilty. For the past 2-3 years I've been reading and rereading "You Can Never Get Enough of What You Don't Need: The Quest for Contentment", and now I realize how much of a rollercoaster that is for me. It seems to hold a pattern with how clean my apartment is as opposed to when its a bit more messy and I can see everything but can't find anything.

Well since we've lived in our apartment we've rearranged the furniture over 3 times. I still feel its pretty dark and would welcome any suggestions on lighting up the area. When the windows are open we don't get a lot of sun because we are hidden behind the foliage of a big tree.

I keep seeing mirrors, but the frames are dark, and I really want to bring in vibrant colors or more of an antique style. Thus far I'm pretty stuck and would welcome any suggestions. Also, somehow I want another floor lamp but making my own lampshade seems timely and daunting.

Any super quick and easy ideas?

Domesticity and The Modern Me

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I recall a time when crafts and other domestic activities made me shie away, and now, I've come a long way although, when it comes to scrapbooking I'm still trying to suppress the urge. The reason, scrapbooking is rather expensive. There is always a new gadget that makes things easier and it seems being content with what one has is a rarity.

However, the links posted on the sides are filled with adorable and creative ideas that really impress me. A lot of the things are pretty inovative and not to drastic which makes them so fun to read and try. One of my favorite ideas is my cousins finding in using soft drink lids to make pretty punch outs for really adorable cards.

Last Christmas my mom gave me a Cricut, a very very extravagant item for one so young as myself, and decidedly spearheaded me into the crafting world. Still not a scrapbooker, but an avid card maker and inspired daily by the craftiness of others.

One of my favorite ways of being crafty is watching other people use the cricut, because functions I'd never thought of using it for, have now become my favorite. So thanks to all those who have inspired me and convinced me that, even I, can be crafty.