Unity Rocks My Socks!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Unity Rocks My Socks, I could be down there, but here is my praise of this fab company. When my stamps came, I was so excited, and I gushed to Ryan "this ain't your momma's stamp club", this requires a small bit of explanation as Ryan hates Stamping Up with more fervid passion than anyone else I know. His mom was a demonstrator and she has more stamps (used and unused) than anyone I have ever met. But they just aren't quite Angie stamps, they lack a certain flair or funkiness and Unity seems to encompass everthing I ever wanted from a stamp company. Oh and did I mention that the packages they come in are environmentally friendly?

I got my Unity KOTM (Kit of the Month) and I just about died! It is sooo much fun and will go amazingly well with a bunch of retro Thank You's I'm working on for my friend.

Check it out:

Doesn't it just make you want to get them inked up and colored? OMG, I'm just sad that I don't have more time. And as I so lovingly said to Ryan when they arrived "this ain't your mother's stamp club" and while it was said in jest, its completely true, I don't have to buy everything to go with everything, everything already goes and is just awesome.

The possibilities are endless! And they are all really big, the words fit right in the houndstooth frame and its just all sorts of exhilirating! Also, today and tomorrow there is a special deal on the KOTM, if you join you get that one ($24.00 +$5.00 s.h.) and a choice of one of 5 kits for free!

Some other sets that are satiating my inky-ness:

Just My Type
I am going to cut them up into individual letters at some point but for now I like them as is.

"Be Owl Mine" with the upcoming Wedding Season, I have gobs of ideas and oppurtunities to use these.

"Flowers From Neverland" I'm thinking easy for a clean crisp quick card or using on backfround paper.

And last but not least, "Itsy Bitsy Giggles" and just as rockingly versatile.

I'll be back in a few days, I'm off to get my hands inky and hopefully (crossing fingers) with some pictures!

Wish me luck. Oh and does anyone else want to play with these items? I'm happy to do craft days.

Also, if you are intrigued check out http://theunitystampco.blogspot.com/ where Angela (the owner) posts all sorts of incredible sales and thursdays blog hop starts(featured this week is the Feb KOTM and a Joy stamp). The website is, http://www.unitystampco.com/. I love these sites, they put the creative boost in my day, and the Design Team is incredible. Happy Hopping.

Have a good day!

In Honor Of

In honor of the aforementioned awesome freebies as it were, I am offering people the chance to rummage through the new free bag and take what they think they can use.(this means YOU!) Just contact me and I'll let you know if I can just hand it over or if I have to ship it off somewhere. (Pictures will be coming soon?).

This is going along with my whole contentment theory, its funny the more I give away and share this awesome loot, the happier and more craft juices start flowing.

I love my daily blog hop with my rss feeds, those women are incredible, they sew cards, put buttons on them. Its with both sadness and fondness that I have to acknowledge I'm on my way to that level of dedication.

We'll graduate in December and then the sky is the limit. Though being a SAHM is probably not within my immediate future, due to both myself and the economy, it is one day within my future and then I can put forth the dedication these hobbies require.

I have determined an awesome location for my crafts, its a half closet that with a high enough stool/chair and the right storage equipment will become my craft nook.

I'm excited with this new venture, and makes the apartment not nearly so cramping for my hobbies. I'm envisioning a permanent location for the cricut which may mean that I will actually use it!

Alas, this isn't so for Ryan, he tried to have a Jam session there and the neighbors called and complained. Rightfully so, and I'm glad I wasn't there for the loud drumming.

But I'm ok with where I am, I just have to constantly remind myself that I am super young, though friends have condos and houses, it is in my future, just not the current one, and priorities for everyone are always different and thats ok.

Spoiled without Lifting a Finger

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So I've newly discovered that I am spoiled. This became evident as I meandered my way through my inspiring blogs and what to my wondering eyes did I find? I found that I had received free paper that had not yet been released to the public just yet! Aside from giggling inside all over I'm in a little bit of shock. You see I have a connection at a paper recycling facility and I get "reject" paper from her with some flaw or other. Except that I'd already made gorgeous birthday cards with My Minds Eye new papers for 2009.

This is not the first time I have noticed this. I discovered from various pictures of CHA that what women were going ga-ga over I already had.

I didn't notice any flaws in particular on the papers and now I am just wondering how the paper landed in my lap, or better yet at the Paper Recycling center?