Organized Space

Sunday, June 7, 2009

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My sister helped me review my craft closet this last weekend.


And she took a few hours out of her last Saturdays in the US to bring order and control to my space.

What followed after many comments of "How can one person have so much paper" and "Do you actually use this?" and a garbage bag full of paper scraps and a donation bag was a lovely organized OCD eat your heart out space.

Luckily we forgot to take before pics.

But here are the Beautiful after pics!

I got the magnetic embellishment tin idea from my very talented cousin Erica!
An empty container perfect for crops and craft days elsewhere!
Hanging tools
Ribbon and more tools
Unity unmounted stamps
Paper organized into neutrals, warms and cools
Check out all that light and I can move it to just where I need it!


Mary really is awesome when it comes to organization, and I owe her so much.

Thanks Mar!


Erica said...

Your space looks beautiful! I'm glad that you were able to get some little magnetic tins, too - they look so pretty and free up desk space! Love everything you guys did :o)

Jen said...

Ang, great job on the craft looks awesome! I see you have the scraponizers...I wanted those too, but I already had some other cases that I needed to use. And that magnetic holder is perfect...I may have to find one of those too!

Ang & Ryan said...

Thanks, the scraponizers have been just lovely butyour storage system is awesome and I love how you categorized them all!

The magnetic strip was an ikea find.

You gotta love Ikea for both price and ingenuity.