Changes For the Good

Friday, August 28, 2009

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I added some delightful links on the side!

You should check them out. I love all the stylish ladies blogs and one even inspired me to go through my closet and organize everything.

So a trip to ikea later, 3 days later, 2 bags of clothes unworn for at least a year, and voila!

An organized closet with clothes I actually wear.

There were moments of utter frustration, anger, denial, pain, bargaining, reflection, the upward turn, thoughts of reconstruction and new organization, with new acceptance and hoe.

Thats right I fully grieved for my closet.

And once in this new found purge mode, I couldn't stop.

I argue it was to prep myself for my last year on my undergrad, but I don't know if thats wholy true.

MSH is quite the struggle for me at times. Of course I love the price and location, but living in under 500 sq feet in a fully FUNCTIONAL home is quite the task at times.

But among my favorite Ikea new organizers are the laundry hanging rack and the hanging closet organizers.

Truly amazing and it has just saved me at least $2.00 a month on taking my clothes down to the dryer.

Next on the ikea organizing list is the problematic computer desk. Things just get thrown there, its awkward and built into the apartment.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on what they do to keep problem areas clutter free?


Elaine said...

We try to airdry our clothes as much as possible. We have a cheapo one from BB&B and one from Korea that looks like a monster. But it works. :)

In response to your comment... I have no room at all! I'm trying to graduate next Spring so only necessary classes for me unless I want to stay another semester! I have a majority of my classes at the OSH and BUC too. Maybe I'll see you around campus? :D